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  • Get the best training...
  • a private, exclusive environment
  • Personal training without limits
  • Yoga classes for all levels, abilities and body styles
  • Variety of classes taught by Certified Personal Trainers
  • The only TRX-certified training facility in Bakersfield!
  • Muscle therapy to help you recover from an injury
  • Shed the pounds in our low-pressure group classes

Energizing workouts that produce results!

Group classes led by a variety of personal trainers.

No two classes are ever the same!

How Essential is Muscle Therapy?

ElitePT  Clients and Trainers Alike, Agree on Essentials! ElitePT’s Muscle Therapist, Manni, works on-site to help you remain in optimal conditional for workouts and classes, recover from a muscle injury, and come out of it stronger and more prepared for whatever life will throw at you! Meet … Manni Antonio! “I focus on holistic fitness […]

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Who is Your Personal Trainer? Pt. 3/3

ElitePT Personal Trainers Who Help You Succeed! It is important that you trust who is guiding you in your pursuit of personal strength, health and wellness. Personal Trainers at ElitePTgym gain your trust and confidence by getting to know you, and exactly what you want to achieve.  They guide you with strong awareness and ability, […]

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