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A Rehab Story

I first met Sadoc Antonio when I was working out at a local gym. We talked about training and goals that i had, at which time he set a meeting to discuss my goals and priorities, which at the time were to stabilize and recover my rotator cuff which was heavily damaged and had never had any kind of physical therapy or rehab after the incident. I also wanted to recover the strength in my hand that had suffered a boxers fracture. My left arm was in horrible shape. The first goal was rehab, and second was to gain muscle definition and size.

Through personal training with Sadoc i got to know a whole different side of him. The dedication and passion he has for training, and not simply for his gain but for that of others. Many of the exercises we did were difficult but he always believed that I could do them. His strong commitment in making me reach my goal led me to believe him and trust him at all times through training.

After six months of personal training and rehab for my arm, my arm was not like before. Stronger, stable, and the limitation of movement that i had had before wasn’t there. Exercises like bench press, shoulder press, pull-ups etc…things I couldn’t do before…were now possible for me! And I did them with ease! Not simply did I recover, but i fulfilled several goals and some that weren’t targeted at all. Such as my rehab, the muscle size and definition i gained, agility, as well as the knowledge of how to train! Before i trained inefficiently, but through Sadocs help I learned the right way to workout as well as the pros and cons of certain things.

I highly recommend Sadoc as a personal trainer. If you ever have the chance to work with him, he will make miracles happen. What makes this miracle possible is his personality and who he is, accountability, passion, and dedication he has for what he does.

Jose Eduardo Portillo

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