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An Elite Community Includes Yoga Community

YOGA – You Asked and We Heard You!  You Start on Monday, April 4!


Yoga is for the men, the women, the young, the older; for the injured, the ill, and for the healthy.  It is for the athlete, the gym rat, the beginner and amateur.

ElitePTgym is inspired by you!  You bring us your heart and soul every time you come in the door.  We are giving back to you and bringing in Yoga to round out your workouts, improve your stamina, and keep your body and mind flexible.

Yoga promotes focus, determination, and strong self will. image You actually let go of old stuff, so you can be on top of your game, in every area of your life.  Moving past any worries, doubts or fears that can get in the way of taking a next step of action somewhere.

Drop any preconceived notions of what you think Yoga is, and experience it for yourself.  Become the master of your own awareness and abilities.

ElitePTgym is working side by side with SANGHAYOGA.CA TM, and together building up our community of life enthusiasts!  We all want the good life; here it is, served up right in front of you.  Get started on Monday, April 4th!


Hatha means forcibly, wilfully. You create force within you to rid the body of toxins, disease, discomfort, and heal injuries. Yoga means unite. You become whole health from the inside, and it shows on the outside. You move in physical postures, and learn how your breath actually makes you stronger and able to achieve more with less effort.  Hatha Yoga is the science of health.

 Here’s good news:  Benefits you’re getting

-promote strength and toning of muscles,

-massage your internal organs for digestive health (the root of your immune system),

-gives you 3-4x more oxygen in 60 minutes than a usual 4-5 hours,

-brings clarity to solving problems,

-decreases anxiety,

-increases your mental focus, core and balance abilities,

-promotes healthy bone structure, and brings your spine into proper alignment,

-encourages movement and flexibility with all kinds of back/lower back injuries, fusing issues, helps slipped discs,

-strengthens, heals and lubricates shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and other joints with mobility issues.

-offers pain relief

-works muscle groups your current regiment does not reach

 image The focus is totally on yourself in a Yoga class.  People worry that others will stare at them, so they feel intimidated about coming to a group class.  This simply is not true.  No one is staring at you, because they’re working on their own practice intently.

With years of self practice and Yoga trainings combined, Melanie Dawn, CYA-E-RYT500, (aka Mel), of SANGHAYOGA.CA TM (pronounced sang-ha-yoga), is here to help you from where you’re currently at.  Whether you’re just getting started, or have an established practice, she is here to listen and guide you to accomplishing personal goals.

Even though Yoga itself is not competitive, Mel knows that for the athletes, from gymnasts, dancers, tennis and golf, to boxing, hockey and basketball, she can help you get to the next level of your sport.  Assistance in poses is offered for optimal body alignment, helping you in the other exercise modalities you perform.  image

How do you know which one is right for you? Here’s the gist of it; Hatha (1-2) and Hatha Flow are great for starters and suit even the more advanced because of the technique introduced and explained during class.

Foundations (1-2) and Foundations Flow are perfect to keep moving deeper with your postures and breath both.  You get to isolate different areas of the body, and really learn how one part connects to the other, creating your whole body balance of physical and mental strength, conditioning, flexibility, mental focus and ease in new situations, and much, much more.

Restorative Yoga is for all of you!  Do it.  Restore your systems.  We tend to overwork our muscles and minds, creating a lack of circulation and stress.  imageEveryone benefits from using rest to rejuvenate.  Once we are re-energized, of course, we can achieve moving through plateaus in our usual workouts and exercise routines, and…life!  Restorative Yoga works all your systems simultaneously while you are actually in a state of lessened effort.  Musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, lymphatic, nervous systems, are all coming into synchronicity during this class time.

ElitePTgym knows it takes hard work and personal dedication in the world today to stay happy, healthy, and strong.  Our understanding of your individual needs, made us imagesit up, listen, and take notice.

We are growing into and building up an elite community of people like you, who are mastering their own lives and becoming a mentor to other people.

We feel strong enough about ourselves to be able to bolster that feeling in others, and then we all get to live rich and lives.

As ElitePTgym opens the door to the Yoga studio, we invite you to boldly step in; enter and open the doorway to your new opportunities.  You deserve it!

Yoga classes begin Monday, April 4th!  There are daily group classes Mon-Sat., and monthly workshops are coming up.  If you have questions before getting started, contact us right away.  We want you to feel safe, secure and supported.

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 ElitePT has many group classes for you to take advantage of, including TRX, Ripped, ViPR, Pilates and Dance, Seniors, and Spin.



 Till next time, be well… Watch for Pt. 1 of 3 series coming up.

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