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Balancing Your Health

I have had weight issues all my life. My family loves to eat and loves to cook and I am no exception. I have never been clinically obese but have gained and lost the same 20-30 pounds a 1000 times. Fortunately, I am not interested in fast food. I like to cook healthy. It’s just that I love big portions and late night snacking. I also am not interested in hard alcohol, but can easily drink a half bottle of red wine every evening.

Exercise was never in my vocabulary growing up. It wasn’t until the kids came along in my late 20’s that I had an increased difficulty keeping my weight down. I started running with a friend and going to Jazzercise. I trained to run the LA marathon but didn’t finish the race. My husband and I started a cow/calf operation and between a full time job, commuting to work an hour one way, raising two boys, and the cattle, my exercise life went to the back burner and the weight came on.

Fast forward through a bitter divorce, moving my mother in to live with my remaining child and me in my home, I fought gaining weight and mostly lost the battle. I got remarried to a man who has been an exercise nut all his life. He bought me a fitness trainer package 10 years ago which I think saved my life, my sanity, and most of all emotional stability. I now rely on exercise to keep my weight down, my head in the game, and I truly feel the older I get, exercise and specifically weight training are crucial to keeping my emotional positive attitude in check. I have to have a fitness goal to keep my weight down. I have run two marathons since the age of 57, 12 half marathons, and climbed Mt Whitney 5 times. I went through several trainers and in 2009 I eyed a new trainer at my gym. I watched him work on a friend of mine and I was impressed with his demeanor, his skillful technique, and his attention to my friend. His name is Eric Weatherly.

Eric takes the time to set the plan, he watches your every move when training, is not distracted by his cell phone or anyone else. He focuses on you the whole time. I have several chronic neck and knee issues which he pays close attention to. I have had times when my priorities have shifted away from consistency in weight training and my body, but more importantly my head have paid for it. I always feel better physically and emotionally when I put my fitness training as a priority. They will have to tell me my time at the gym is over before I give it up. Hope that day never happens.

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