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Building an Elite Community – Pt. 1

 Small Steps Make a Big Difference to Your Health!


Meet Eric!  The Guru of

Eric owns and facilitates training at EPT using the elite programs of TRX.  Eric knows what it’s like to chisel a new form from an old one.

 imageGrowing up with the combination of genetically slow metabolism, and a home life lacking awareness of the effects of foods have on a person’s state of physical, mental, and emotional health, Eric made it his own choice to improve his life and longevity by making personal changes.

Keeping it it easy to change, he made only 3 small steps initially;

  1. Stop eating fast foods,
  2. Begin to move the body,
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Once he he made the conscious effort to persist in just these 3 small steps, his whole world began to shift a bit each day, and he began to feel better. Follow his lead.

Brighter. Happier. Stronger, inside and out. Eric’s patient but disciplined self action with his own transformation has paid off!  Now, he wants to ensure other people, like you, get the chance to do the same thing.


When you step inside ElitePTgym, you’ll notice Eric’s big smile at once.  He’s really happy you’ve come in to work on yourself, for yourself!

What is TRX Suspension Training? It’s for Real People!  TRX Suspension body weight exercise and movements develop strength, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously.  Using the TRX Suspension Trainer, it leverages gravity and the user’s body weight for exercises.  It’s for you!

Check out the new Yoga classes, Ripped, ViPR, Spin, and Bootcamps that Eric has scheduled just for you to enjoy!  ElitePTgym/schedule/  You can book your class online, and start building your personal community now.

image            image


Till next time, be well…Watch for Pt 2. Giving you easy hints to success.

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