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Building an Elite Community – Pt. 2

Easy Hints for Your Success! FB-profile

You’ve decided to follow Eric on his course of personal victory. You’ve decided to make the 3 easy steps to personal change and transformation. So now what?

Balance your efforts with a really easy plan!  

Food: Keep it simple. Food choices are easiest when they’re closest to the earth. The less ingredients the better; read the labels, educate yourself. Symptoms of stress, depression, headaches/migraines, joint pain, asthma, pms, fatigue, anger, restlessness, and irritability decrease dramatically when you feed your body more natural and nutritious foods. You care about others, you are worth caring for yourself.    image

Drink:  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, please!  Our bodies need water to effectively digest our foods. >But there’s a catch< No water or other fluids 30 min. before and after eating. I know this goes against the 80’s/90’s diet schemes, but trust me, you’ll notice ease in your belly by waiting. The stomach has 2 gastric acids that aid digestion by creating internal heat. Drinks cool or put out the heat these acids naturally have, making digestion uncomfortable and long to happen. Drink more in the hot summer months, and add electrolytes if you can while exercising to keep you safe from dehydration.


Exercise:  Choose 3 days/evenings/mornings a week to start. And just start from where you’re at.  11202438_1607776066162276_7861997500929420288_nDo it, but don’t overdo it. Make a goal easily achievable, and only you know what that is. Then just add a more playful time naturally, something you liked to do when you were a kid maybe. Even getting up after dinner to clean and put things away is better than just slouching on the couch. Or a honey-do list can help-get an item or two accomplished…(happy wifey, happy lifey 🙂

Rest:  Realize rest is important. Rest (not sleep) the body and mind both for optimal performance physically, mentally, and emotionally in everyday life and for exercise. Use the alarm on your phone, set it for 10-15 min., and just close your eyes.  You will feel refreshed, and be able to get about 4-5 hours of renewed energy from this.


Sleep:  Sleep is paramount to the conditioning of our metabolism, blood pressure, heart function, and the ability to stay strong, steady, and focused in all areas of our normal life. The rest you get mid-day for 10-15 min. will actually help you sleep deeper at night. *Observe your thoughts at bedtime. Ensure they are positive. You will wake up in the morning in the same manner you went to sleep. Then just sleep.

Repeat:  Repeating these easy steps are gold! Repetition is our greatest accomplishment!  Watch and hear your monkey mind’s thoughts about giving up and don’t. Never give up on yourself.

The most important aspect to any change and routine is You!


You may be living in a home life where the others are not on board with your quest for personal health and transformation, so make sure you’re doing this for you.

At ElitePTgym we are also here to support you. In any way you need, we are here.  As trainers ourselves, we know what it takes to persevere. But do!

“Endeavour to persevere.” J.H.

Go to classes to get started, and stay true to your personal quest.


ElitePT has many group classes for you to take advantage of, including TRX, Ripped, ViPR, Pilates and Dance, Seniors, and Spin.


Pt. 3 is coming up… giving you choices to make for the goals you have!


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