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Building an Elite Community – Pt. 3

You are the One Who is in Control!


Building an elite community of like minded healthful people takes time. Conscious choices we make individually, and then along the way with with others, creates a stream of community members that become long lasting partnerships, friends, advocates, support systems.

When you choose to ‘show up’ first for yourself, you’re also choosing for others in your life.  They see and learn by your positive example! Your happiness helps create their happiness. You’re the leader of the pack. image

We are enjoying spring now.  Add it to your step.  During this time of new beginnings and resolutions, start and maintain a fitness program that will last with these helpful tips:

First and foremost, overthinking our plan can make us immobile.  So please, just start with the one thing that’s been on your mind the most.  Go with what you know! This is the easiest and most sure way to your personal success! Add little by little along the way as you learn and achieve.

Set reasonable goals, both long and short term. Completion of the short term goals provides personal satisfaction, bringing you one step closer to your vision. I recently spoke to a young man of 20 years old who is making healthier choices now.  I asked him if he’s made a 15-20 year goal.  His answer was no.  Once he imagined how he wanted to look and feel in 20 years, his short term goals seemed more manageable, as he realized he’s making a lifestyle choice for the long term by using the short term goals to guide him each day. How do you want to look and feel 20 years from now?


You Have Options.  Choose exercises that work best for your constitution. gives you a lot of choices for your personal lifestyle. TRX Training on your own or with a Personal Trainer, Spin classes, Yoga classes, Ripped classes, ViPR, Bootcamps, and more coming. We have everything you need to get started and stick with it!

Create a calendar or checklist of your program that you will see, and put it in a visible place (i.e., the fridge). Check things off as you go. It’s really important to check mark your accomplishments.  Your mind is connecting to your success and wants you to continue receiving good feedback now.

Feed your body, mind, and soul.  image  Healthy food creates a focused and positive mindset. A positive mindset keeps the body healthy. Your spirit is brighter, and challenges are met with more ease. Listen to the wisdom of your body. It will guide you. If you eat something that causes acid reflux, that’s your body’s wisdom saying no thanks, that hurts. Find a new food that makes you feel good and energized after consumption.

Mix it up. Don’t get stuck and bored in just one activity. Branch out and be adventuresome! Combine both solitary and group activities. Exercising with a friend or group provides support and boosts motivation. Whether you’re more quiet or extroverted, there is an opportunity for you to benefit in personal transformation.  Choose to benefit.

Reward yourself along the way for a job well done! Entice yourself with a muscle massage, spa treatment, new clothing, special night out, a concert.  Rewarding yourself for reaching your goals is a sure way to stick to your plan! Choose your reward with whatever is meaningful to you.


Do things you used to like and haven’t done in while. Don’t be constrained by conventional definitions of exercise. Play. Bike. Walk. Skateboard. Swim. Shoot some hoops. Toss a football or Frisbee around. Hike. Bowl. Horse around. Build something. What do you like to do?  Do it!


Most importantly, have fun! Exercise is not all about pain or strain. It is about inviting movement into your body to oxygenate, stimulate, strengthen, and cleanse your systems.  Fun and enjoyment is what it’s all about. This is an important component of overall health! Our food digests better when we’re happy and when we’re happy we tend to treat ourselves better.  Full circle.

We make choices every day at work, home, out in the world, because of and for others. Now is the time to choose for youself personally.  Make the conscious choices that will elevate your spirit, and feed your body and mind well.

image      join-now

We we are happy, when you are happy!

From all of us at ElitePTgym, thank you for joining in our growing community.

We are lucky to have you around!

ElitePT has many group classes for you to take advantage of, including TRX, Ripped, ViPR, Pilates and Dance, Seniors, and Spin.

Watch for info on what your skin reveals about your health, super foods for your bones, and easy upgrades to your diet.

Till next time, be well, and tell us how you’re making out. Cheers!


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