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Changing for Life

PhotoGrid_1444155081955I have been working out with Octavio Chavez for about 5 months now. What a difference I’ve seen. To bring this into perspective, I was in bad shape, with depression among other things. Previously, I had numerous physical restraints, with the feeling of no hope about life. There were many moments during my life where I was not feeling great at all. This includes sitting at home alone and eliminating myself from the outside world. I definitely missed out, however, my wife heard about this gym and Octavio Chavez through her boss at work. Suzie, my wife’s boss currently trains with Octavio. It was my time to jump onto a healthier lifestyle change through which I decided it was time for me to do something about it. Also, we decided to not worry about the cost. This is my life we’re concerned about. So I took a chance and went and saw my Doctor and he gave me strict instructions on what I could and couldn’t do for which I passed on to Octavio. With that we’ve worked out a pretty good program and we are seeing great results as of yet. I thank you Octavio and Elite PT for you’re encouragement and help on this journey! So if you’re looking for an excellent trainer who can give you flexibility in your training and schedule. Give Octavio a try. He has worked well with my needs and sudden changes in schedule which makes it worthwhile for me. When I have issues with my restrictions we change quickly to something less impact-full on me.
Sincerely Rick Ming

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