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Fit Tip of the Week


When beginning a new workout program, make sure you take the time to figure out the purpose for getting fit. Are you deciding to start a new fitness program for your spouse? Is the decision to get fit for your family? Perhaps you may have a big event to attend like a wedding. While all those reasons are valid and good enough to get the ball rolling, they aren’t necessarily the reasons that will sustain the motivation and dedication it will take to truly transform your life into what your true fitness goals are for yourself for the long haul.

Starting a new fitness program is much more than going to the gym and doing the exercises. A new fitness program should begin first with some self-discovery and mental homework. . Learn how to question yourself and not be afraid of the answers. Acknowledging the bad habits you have created as obstacles that have kept you from achieving your desired fitness goals in the past is the first step in your new fitness program. When you recognize what the obstacles look like you’ll be better prepared to maneuver around them. Once you break through the mental walls holding you back from attaining your health and fitness goals you’ll discover holding yourself accountable will become and easier task. Lastly, give yourself the permission to accept where your current fitness level is at right now. Forget about where you may have been a year ago, or what your fitness was in the past. Accepting where you are right now in your fitness is a very powerful decision you will make for yourself as this allows you to set a brand new set of fitness goals! Train yourself without limits!

Eric Weatherly

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