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Who is Your Personal Trainer? Pt. 1/3

ElitePT Personal Trainers Who Help You Succeed!


It is important that you trust who is guiding you in your pursuit of personal strength, health and wellness.

Two great guys who you can trust, and feel supported by, during workouts are Octavio and Peter.  They both walk the walk when it comes to training and fitness.  Here’s what they have to say.

Octavio Chavez

I have been a personal trainer for 10 years. Fitness has allowed me the benefits of helping people discover new levels of health as well as allowing them to have newfound confidence in how they value themselves! My main focus in Personal Training goes beyond teaching someone how to lift weights or use cardio equipment. My approach to training my clients is to figure out first what their own personal fitness goals are. Together we will work hard in establishing a fitness map to your desired goals!

My style of training is one that is always keeping your body guessing. What that means is I will never put you through the same workout routine. I feel the best way for anyone to actually reach his or her fitness goals to always throw something new and different at your body but at the same time challenging your fitness fully!  My motto is “GO EXTREME WITH YOUR WORKOUTS AND GET EXTREME RESULTS.”

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My specialties are nutrition, weight loss, sports, endurance, ecore-specific training, muscle gain, as well as pressure point relief on the body. If you’re ready to make a change, make it happen and make fitness a part of your life.

My fitness credentials include- (ISSA) International Sports and Science Association and (LBDR) Lower Back Disorder and Rehabilitation.

Some of the hobbies I enjoy outside of personal training are handball, racquetball, wally-ball, and weight lifting – all great for the mind and body.


Peter Pang

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle can bring a tremendous amount of satisfaction, as well as great spiritually and confidence in one’s life. As a Personal Trainer, I appreciate a multitude of fitness and exercise. I also believe that Fitness is a lifestyle that includes the mentality of mind over matter. Mentally, the challenge of controlling your mind to force your body to overcome an overwhelming task is something of true value.

imageCertainly there are no greater rewards than the feeling of accomplishing, overcoming and completing a rigorous workout regimen!

My goal is to have the opportunity to share my style of training to coach people who may struggle to reach his or her own personal fitness goals. I specialize in weight loss, strength training, plyometric training and high interval circuit training.

I am a graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Political Science & Asian American Studies, with a minor in Collegiate Sports Coaching.

My certifications include International Sports Sciences Association and CPR/AED certified.

When I’m not helping my clients reach new levels of fitness, I enjoy passing my free time cooking, playing basketball, working out, helping out the family restaurant and spending time with family and friends.


ElitePTgym is committed to providing you with the most professional and experienced trainers in the area.  We are happy to give you a free consultation, so you get what is just right for you and your needs.  

We also offer daily classes to suit your lifestyle that include Spin, Move Right Seniors, Ripped, TRX, ViPR, Bootcamps, Dance Cardio, and authentic Yoga.

Everyone Matters at EPT!

We are here for you to live your best!


Till next time, be well…Watch for Pt. 2 of Personal Trainer profiles coming up!

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