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Let’s Build an Elite Community

Together We Can Do This – We Start on Monday, April 4th!

At ElitePTgym, we are committed to building you into our community of like-minded people who enjoy making the most of life; of their health, happiness, and strength inside and out. Your happiness causes positive ripple effects all around you!

ElitePTgym is expanding; growing into a place you will call home.


Feeling welcomed and comfortable in a community of supportive people bolsters your own personal magnetism, and keeps you positive through all life’s challenges.

Building an elite community with strong foundation takes time, and we have all the time in the world for you. We’re not going going anywhere!

New! to as of Monday, April 4th!

Authentic Yoga experiences. Hatha Yoga is an overall scientific and artistic approach to wholeness of body strength and suppleness, flexibility, and strong sense of self; who you are.  Be more you.

Regardless of gender, weight, age, stage of life, physical ability or limitations, or preconceived notions of Yoga, it is what helps overall wellness. image

Yoga reaches both the left and right brained thinkers, so it’s something you need to balance your other life activities.

Yoga is for athletes to gain the upper edge in their realm, and it is for non-athletes who just really like it as a healthy routine.  It is for the seasoned and the brand new.

Yoga is for introverts who want to work on their own, and for extroverts who want to work with others.

Yoga is something you may not know much about when it comes to actual benefits, so come try it for yourself, and forget the old stories about it.  Men and women both  feel invigorated.

You are always in good hands, with assistance and support from your teacher, every step of the way.  image

If you have lower or upper back pain, Yoga is for you.  Yoga relieves symptoms of Sciatica, scoliosis, slipped and fused discs, torn rotator cuffs, IT Band, tight muscle sets, twists and sprains, asthma, arthritis, headaches…and can, with steady routine, cure some ailments completely.  Yoga aids digestion, circulation, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, in fact, all your systems.

But, you have to know the right type of Yoga class for you. Don’t go to Restorative if you’re trying to build strength and core. Don’t go to Foundations if you need to rest and restore.  Talk to your teacher about what you’re looking for, so you’re clearly getting the class to easily suit your lifestyle.

This is where ElitePTgym comes in. We are adding Yoga to the menu, and we want you to get exactly what you want and need.


Melanie Dawn, CYA-E-RYT 500, has joined us, and is SANGHAYOGA.CA TM’s owner and facilitator.  Mel is an asset along with her strong and supportive EPT team members, and here to be of service to you specifically. She is always approachable, and happy to help you with any questions at all.


Classes begin Monday, April 4th! (and so do you 🙂

Yoga Class Schedule:

Go to ElitePTgym full schedule.

Thank you for deciding to live strong and healthy. We’re with you!

We are bringing you natural products for mat wash, hair and skin rejuvenation, and snacks for a boost before or after class. Electrolytes and cool tea will be available on site, to keep you hydrated and enhance your performance.

Healthy looks good on you!


Till next time, be well…Watch for the next post that gives you more details.

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