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Motivational Monday

I began training with Peter Pang in august of 2012. My goal was to lose the 60 pounds I had gained over the last few years, plus another 20 more. Not only did I lose all 80 pounds during the year that we trained together, I reduced my body fat from 43% to 32%. Best of all, I did this without ever “dieting” and instead just focusing on exercise and making wiser food choices, Peter was absolutely instrumental in my success and I highly recommend him to anyone trying to get in shape. His workouts challenged me, but never to the point where I gave up or did not look forward to working out again. Peter always knew just how much to and how hard to push. He also constantly varied the types of exercises we did so that I would not get bored. Some days we focused more on machines, on other days we used more free weights, and on other days we did more functional training. He’d write down my workouts so i could do them on my own, even including the seat height I needed to maintain proper form. Before leaving on vacations, he would design a workout for me to do with the bands or just body weight so I would not break my routine. Peter is a very knowledgeable trainer who strives to educate his clients. As a busy professional, I appreciated the fact that he never cancelled, was always on time, and gave me 100% of his attention and focus during my workout. I also enjoyed his endless energy, positive mood, and constant encouragement. With his expertise and commitment, WE were able to achieve my goals. I am proud to day I now look forward to going to the gym and at the age of 45, I am stronger than I have ever been!! Thank you Peter!!


Charee Kashwer, Ph.D.

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