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How Essential is Muscle Therapy?

ElitePT  Clients and Trainers Alike, Agree on Essentials!


ElitePT’s Muscle Therapist, Manni, works on-site to help you remain in optimal conditional for workouts and classes, recover from a muscle injury, and come out of it stronger and more prepared for whatever life will throw at you!

Meet … Manni Antonio!

“I focus on holistic fitness and muscle therapy training.”

My area of fitness is focused primarily on the approach of applying innovative and advanced manual therapy techniques to treat and manipulate soft tissue injuries.

The benefits include increased blood flow, rebuilt mobility, improved flexibility, release of built up toxins, better circulation, an increase in anabolic muscle metabolism, remodeled muscle myofascia, improved symmetry, posture restructuring/rehabilitation and myoskeletal pain relief.  11988649_1628936190712930_3187643046915853731_n

My credentials include Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

“Listen to your body, treat your body right and live a better life, you deserve it!”

One-on-one therapy sessions provide innovative and advanced manual techniques to treat soft tissue muscle injuries that benefit increased blood flow, mobility, flexibility, better circulation, improved symmetry and improved posture.

Melanie Dawn, CYA-E-RYT500

I have been involved with outdoor sports, dance, yoga, nutrition and whole health throughout my life, since childhood.  Being active in sports means injuries have occurred from minor to major types over the years.  I’ve always relied on the expertise of a Muscle Therapist to get me back to doing what I love – just being active and feeling vital in life.

Through many years of being a personal trainer, professional dancer, and certified yoga teacher, I’ve engaged myself in continuing education in therapeutic areas of both Yoga Massage Therapy and Lymph Massage.


Yoga Massage Therapy is designed and used for areas of the body we rarely give enough credence to; the wrists, hands, fingers; the ankles, feet, toes; the head, neck, shoulders. We get deep into connective tissues in these tiny areas, aiding bones and joints greatly, too, in the process. This is a great compliment to the muscle therapy Manni provides for you.

Lymph massage is a very gentle pumping action, and frees up toxins to flush them through the body’s natural waste systems, allowing blood and nutrients to flow and feed you healthfully.  This is especially good for people on their feet a lot, and women for specific women’s health issues.

Everyone Matters at ElitePT!


We are here for you!

Feel better and get back on your feet, with the added services and benefits of Muscle Therapy, provided for you here at ElitePTgym, with Manni and Mel.


Till next time, be well…Watch for our 1st Year Anniversary celebrations coming!



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