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Never Too Late to Start…

I will preface this testimonial by stating that I am a 73 year old male who is afflicted with prostate cancer. The first introduction to the world of exercise began in February of 2015. Jessica and I met for an informal critique of my physique and what requirements necessary to improve my strength, stamina and flexibility within the limitations imposed by the cancer.  Little did I know then what manner of journey I would be embarking on. Jessica has managed through her knowledge of muscle groups and exercise programs to improve those muscle groups. She has effected a remarkable change in my overall physical being. Because of her attention to proper exercise form, diligence and willingness to push the envelop with me, I have achieved an increase in strength , flexibility and stamina. Statistically I have realized a reduction in mu body fat and improved my resting heart rate. For anyone desiring a trainer of exceptional quality, I highly recommend Jessica. You won’t be disappointed but you will be pleasantly rewarded with improvements the the areas you want.

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