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What do Our Bones Tell Us?

Our Bones are Asking Us for Movement and “Superfoods”!

imageWhat are superfoods? They are what give us the most of what we need! They are the foods that build muscle, burn fat, keep our bones strong, and keep us energized and vital in our daily living!

 Members of ElitePTgym know it takes a lot of hard work, sweat, personal motivation and determination to get the results they’re after with their health, fitness and overall wellness goals.

We know the easiest route to accomplishing anything is simplicity with efficiency. To work your body at its most efficient, give it the right source of food intake. Here’s some foods and their facts that will help you out on your personal course. image

There’s nothing quite like calcium to treat your bones right. Dairy and many vegetables are rich in calcium.  Non-dairy milks from coconut, almond, and soy usually have calcium and vitamin D added, and are just as good a source.  Only one cup of dark greens contains about 20% of your daily requirement, and have the added benefit of vitamin K.

Two lesser known nutrients that help keep bones healthy are magnesium and potassium.  One medium-sized baked sweet potato (no salt) has about 31 milligrams of magnesium, and 542 milligrams of potassium.

Vitamin C we know as an immune booster, but citrus fruits also have been shown to help prevent bone loss.  Grapefruit and oranges are most common and attractive to eat, giving us between 83-91 milligrams of vitamin C, enough for our entire day.  If you’re drinking the juice, check that it’s been fortified with calcium.

Figs are full of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, too! Eat them cooked, raw, dried, or even blend them into your smoothie!  They’re really filling and also good for sweet tooth cravings. Same goes for dried plums (prunes).


 Salmon and other fatty fish contain an assortment of bone-boosting nutrients.  They have vitamin D, which helps your body use the calcium you bring in.  The omega-3 fatty acids inherent in them also may aid bones. 3 ounces of canned salmon contains about 183 milligrams of calcium.

Some people prefer tofu over fish, and it’s a nutritional powerhouse! Calcium-enriched tofu contains more than 400 milligrams of calcium per half cup.  Tofu is also rich in isoflavones, which in some research shows to be useful post menopause in warding off bone disease.

We try to be as natural as possible at ElitePTgym, so white refined sugar really goes against our nature.  Natural sweeteners like unpasteurized honey and molasses are much better for your bone and overall health, and aid digestion rather than hamper it.

Vitamin D is critical to create and maintain strong and healthy bones. image This is true from the stages of infancy into old age.  If you’re not feeling like you’re taking in enough vitamin D, go to the health food store and get the drops of D3.  Add 3-5 drops, depending on age, to anything you drink just once a day.  Try to avoid the calcium pills as they just don’t break down and digest, so you’re not actually absorbing the calcium.

Vitamin D can often be at low levels in people who are considered obese.  This is because body fat traps the vitamin D, therefore making it less accessible to they body and systems it’s intended to feed.  For this reason, exercise and a healthy diet to reduce body fat is justly called for, and again a cause for supplementing with vitamin D3 drops.  We want you around for a long time here at the gym!

Once you bring in more calcium and vitamin D enriched foods, you’ll notice your brain wakes up, too!  When we feed ourselves properly, all the systems are recharged and work at optimum and well balanced levels again.  Symptoms of lethargy and depression will lessen, and your outlook will become brighter and stronger.

 image Here comes the sun…. being in the sun entices the body to create its own vitamin D.  Sunblock though hampers this.  We can’t be out too long, but do get sunshine as much as possible by being active outside.  The best course is food and supplements.

ElitePTgym will be opening the big doors now and even taking Ripped classes to the park!  This way we can all enjoy some sun, fun, exercise, and vitamin D at the same time.

At the gym here, we see all types of bone issues. If even one of these tips helps you out, we are doing our job keeping you informed and safe while you perform your workout or class.

It’s up to us to support you, our elite community of people, built on solid foundation of strength, motivation, determination, perseverance, and happiness!

Remember, Everyone Matters at!


Come to us with your questions, comments, feedback.  We are always approachable, and always want to help.

ElitePT has many group classes for you to take advantage of, including TRX, Ripped, ViPR, Move Right Seniors, Pilates and Dance, and Yoga.

Till next time, be well…Watch for the post upgrading your diet.

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