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‘Time to get Consistent’

My experience with Mark.
I was my whole life what everyone calls a couch potato. I never did any kind of exercise, played any sports (other than using my Nintendo controller), or did any physical activity “just for fun”. When I started to age, it definitely hit me, my metabolism was not the same than when I was in my 20’s, I definitely started to see how I was getting old, but most importantly I started to feel it. I decided I had to make a change in my life, a drastic one, yes, that awful moment when you say “I need to hit a gym”. Scary, intimidating, embarrassing, all of those things came to mind, but, being healthy was my drive.
As anyone who has never done anything in their lives, joining a gym is not enough, we need a lot more! We need guidance on what to do, which exercises, how to attack certain areas, how to eat healthy and smart, and what is the best in terms of supplements for us to achieve our goals. So, I decided I needed a personal trainer to coach me and help me through this, as I was literally clueless. I had experiences with different coaches, in fact, 6 different coaches in less than 6 months at the gym I signed up for. I did not like that, because, every trainer has their own approach, maybe some better than others, but something I found really important is consistency. Not only my own consistency on going to the gym and sweating a lot, but consistency in the programs I was using to get where I want to be. After all these changes, I was getting frustrated, one month I would gain muscle, the next trainer would ask me to lose weight, the next one, would try to get me more energetic… It was really a mess and after a year of trying to be healthy and fit, I had achieved little to none of what I was expecting. Then, I found Mark, and from the very first session he was great! Approachable, explained everything to me, he evaluated what was my goal and where I was at that point, so we started immediately to work on my fitness development.
At that time I was using a nutritionist, who ended up almost killing me (literally, my cholesterol levels were off the chart), so Mark decided, after trying not to step over my decision of using a nutritionist, it was time for me to get a better nutrition assessment. I definitely agreed. The progress I had before then, were a bit slower (but certainly I could see the difference on working with Mark, for sure), but the best thing was after I “fixed” my eating habits. One of the best days for me (and I know for Mark as well) was when by eating healthy, measuring my potions (never hungry for sure), and following his workouts, the first month I lost 10 pounds and over 2% of body fat. That was the point when I realized “it is worth it”.
I started this year with Mark, and I am pretty sure I will end it up with him; he’s just the best trainer I have ever had. It is not boring or frustrating working out with him. He really pushes me, but never over does it. He follows my progress, encourages me, and he’s even a bit flexible when the holidays are around, so I don’t feel guilty of just enjoying myself while taking a break (in the end, that’s the point!). I definitely have a road ahead to achieve my goals, but the change is already noticeable to others, and more importantly, to me. I really have to thank Mark for his help, I know he is one of the key factors for me to have dropped so much body fat and gained muscle in such a short time, enjoying every step of it (even though I’m one, if not the biggest whiners he’s got). In the end, all I can say is he knows what he’s doing, and I’m glad he can share his experience with me.

Adal Suarez

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